Doggone Boarding & Grooming

Established 1980

"We Have A Warm Hart For Cold Noses"

Boarding Rates

As of May 1st 2015


Dog Condo With Patio - One Dog - $17.00 Per Day

Dog Condo With Patio - Two Dogs - $16.00 Per Dog Per Day

Dog Condo With Patio - Three Dogs - $15.00 Per Dog Per Day


Cat Condo - One Cat - $11.00 Per Day

Cat Condo - Two Cats- $10.00 Per Cat Per Day

Cat Condo - Three Cats - $9.00 Per Cat Per Day

Other Animals

Ferrets, Rabbits & Iguanas - $8.00 Per Day

Hamsters, Rats, Mice, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs and Birds - $7.00 Per Day

All Boarding Charges are due upon the time of checking in.

All additional charges and balances will be due at the time you come to pick up.

Frequent Boarder Punch Card

All customers will recieve a punch card when they come to board.

For every day you stay, you will accumulate one punch.

Get 20 total punches and recieve one free day for one pet of boarding!

Grooming Rates

Refresh, Revive, Restore, Rejuvenate your pets!

Baths and grooming start at $28 and range to $80. Grooming includes the following services: shampoo, bath, conditioner, blown dry, brushed out, nails trimed or filed, ears cleaned out, glands drianed upon request and a professional haircut to make your pet happy and pet comfortable. With so many varieties, size and coat types, a more specific price can be obtained by calling us at 618-644-5823



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