Doggone Boarding & Grooming

Established 1980

"We Have A Warm Heart For Cold Noses"

Dog Boarding & Accomodations

Doggone Kennel opened in 1981, to offer boarding with individual care and personal attention available all year long. Your pet is kept in a comfortable, climated-controlled indoor doggy condo. The kennel is heated, and an attic fan is used to keep cool in the warmer days along with the help from surrounding nature.

Your pet is secure here at Doggone. The Owners live on-site and the facility is equipped with security cameras.

Also to keep your pets safe we require up to date DHLPP and Rabies shot records.

Accomodations for Dogs

We offer all dogs a spacious indoor dogo condo, 4' x 6', with attached oustide doggy patio 4' x 10' which multiple "same family" dogs can share. The dogs are able to go in or out, whenever they want except during extreme stormy or cold weather. Your dog will love the fresh air and being able to potty when it wants. If Mother Nature is not bieng kind, then the dogs are let out for walks, exercise and potty breaks 4 - 5 times a day for 10-15 minutes depending on weather conditions.  Extra doggy Recess time is also available, however it is an additional charge.


We provide fresh, clean bedding, but a smell from home is nice, i.e., a shirt, socks, pants, shoes or towel. Food and water bowls are provided at all times. You may also bring treats, bones and toys. However, while toys and etc. may be brought from home, we can not always guarentee you will get them back.

Cats and Other Pets

Feline boarding is available all year long. Large spacious 3' x 4' feline condos can house multile same family cats. Extra love n' rub time is also available at an additional charge.

Animals besides dogs and cats must have all of their food and bedding necessary for their entire stay. Ferrets, Rabbits, and Iguanas will use the feline condos for their accomodations.


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Dog patios and condos are cleaned and sanitized daily, with our continuing sanitation procedures along with providing an environment that is clean, yet conforting, will ensure a most comfortable stay for your pet. We feed a generic dry dog food simmilar to Purina Dog Chow, if other food is not provided by the owner. Dogs are fed one to three times a day per your request on the contract.