Doggie Recess

Have your pet get some fresh air and stretch those legs in our 1/2 acre play yard that contains a large toy box, agility equipment, and a baby pool in the summer. They will be able to enjoy 15 minutes outside with a staff member for only $5.00 per session. Two or more pets from the same faimly are $4.00 per session per dog. Weather/behavior permitting. If weather is unsuitable, recess will be either cancelled or substituted with a session of Love-n-Rub, and will be charged accordingly. (This service is not offered on Holidays or Sundays.)


Don’t want your pet to miss his/her daily rub down or brushing? Then a Love-n-Rub is what you need. They get 10 minutes of undivided attention and love from a staff member in their pen for just $4.00 a session. Two or more pets from the same family are $3.00 per pet per session. (This service is not offered on Holidays or Sundays.)


Stuffed Hoofies

A traditional treat with a flavorful twist. We take a hoofie and fill it with your choice of either peanut butter or cheese and bacon for a lick happy time for your canine. 

$2.00 each

Frosty Paws

Give your dog a fun and delicious way to cool down by having them try a Frosty Paw. Frosty Paws is a doggy-safe peanut butter flavored ice cream. They are great for those hot summer days.

$2.50 each

Bark Bars

Bark Bars are dog safe human candy bar look-a-likes to make them feel like they are getting spoiled.

$2.50 each


Dog safe applesauce with pumpkin in it.

$2.00 each

Hoofies, Pig Ears, and Greenies

Simple all-time favorites for your dog

$1.50 each

Kitty Kocktail

This treat is sure to win over any cat. It is a generous serving of fresh tuna sprinkled with kitty treats.

$2.00 each

Safety First

All the treats we offer are approved for your pets consumption. They are specially made with your pet’s health and enjoyment in mind. Any leftovers are available for you to take home.

If you know your pet is sensitive and easily stressed by a change in environment, a treat, recess or love-n-rub is the perfect way to make sure they enjoy their stay and look forward to future boarding arrangements.


Phone: (618) 644-5823

To best serve you, we ask that you schedule boarding and grooming services in advance.